From press releases to podcasts: how to repurpose content for maximum impact 

Content is central to any communications campaign. To some, this means copywriting and design collateral. But the term also extends to press releases, social media posts, feature articles, briefing notes and much more besides.

By definition, content is ‘something that is to be expressed through some medium’. It cannot exist without being placed somewhere, whether that’s a business magazine, on social media or in your newsletter. It therefore makes choosing the right ‘medium’ for your message a crucial consideration for any team or PR professional.

When you have an idea for a killer piece of content, you will likely have an idea in mind of where and how it can be used. Considerable time, research and expertise will go into the idea, so it is important to make it work hard for itself.

This is sometimes known as repurposing. You could also call it ‘sweating the assets’. After all, if you’re going to put in the work in producing your asset, you may as well make the most of it.

Quality over quantity

I preface the tips in this post with one word: quality. I’m by no means suggesting you do everything all at once. The ideas here share our approach to maximising content and are to prompt you to think beyond one initial format. It’s a way of working smarter, not harder, and will help you tell your story in different ways. 

We pride ourselves on producing content that carries your messages with clarity, and we support clients in choosing the right ways to reach their target audiences. 

How does it work?

Let’s take, for example, a press release that shares your latest news. It has been written, approved and sent to your key target media, landing some coverage. Result! 

But its lifespan doesn’t stop there. 

Why not choose the best piece of media coverage to share on your social media channels, showcasing your work from another perspective. You could do this directly or repost the publication’s own social post. 

You will also want to upload the news to your company website. Once adapting the copy to suit, you could then create further social media posts. Break the story down into bite-sized chunks and you may find you have multiple posts to share. It will also be easier for your reader to digest. 

And, of course, you might find the same news lends itself to a section in your company newsletter too. 

Let’s now look from a different starting point – a comprehensive industry whitepaper that your team has produced. You might share this with your stakeholders and industry peers to demonstrate your expertise and provide a solution to a challenge. 

To share it with a wider audience, you could also break it down into a series of blog posts covering each section in turn. These blogs then lend themselves to a whole host of social media content, particularly if you can use images and graphics from the whitepaper. 

Keep using great content

It’s important that you don’t just think about the immediate days and weeks after your cornerstone content is published.  

Look ahead to your future campaigns, awareness days that may lend themselves to revisiting your piece, or perhaps look back a year on and comment on how the landscape has shifted. 

Keep across news and current affairs and see where there might be opportunity to reshare your content again. 

Content isn’t just restricted to the written word either. Think speaking opportunities, podcasts, and broadcast interviews too. And consider what you might do with all this content afterwards – the same ideas apply across any piece of content.

What are the benefits?

Repurposing your content ensures you make the most of your hard work and share it with as many people as possible.  

People consume information in different ways, so using a variety of approaches to sharing your messages – online, offline, in person and in the media – will ensure your content is seen and understood.  

It’s why we spend a lot of time as a team creating our own content and promoting this on our website, on our socials and in our newsletter.  

Creating great content matters. But it’s important also to think about all the ways you can use it, who else might like to see it, and how it can be adapted. 

We’re pleased to help clients with their content strategies and help generate impactful and engaging stories for people who matter. 

Get in touch if you think we could help you. 

Written by

Arianne Smart.

Header photo credit: Matthew Guay on Unsplash.


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