Putting people at the heart of your communications can help businesses stand out

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Volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous. Somerset businesses aren’t alone in navigating change and challenge over recent years.

Against this background, we recently ran a poll with chamber members about their communication priorities. ‘Reaching new customers’ and ‘maintaining our reputation’ came top of respondents’ list. Finding time to think and do what’s needed also featured highly.

If you’ve not reviewed your communications for a while, it may be a good time to take stock now and ask if it’s helping you to succeed.

What do stakeholders think about your business? How does your story address their needs? How can you prove it?

These important questions go to the heart of any great PR campaign. Answering them helps you get to the human truth of your business’ story.

Taking a human touch

These challenges present themselves as two trends impact businesses everywhere:

  • Increased expectations from customers and employees for businesses and leaders to take a position on critical issues: on society, climate, representation, wellbeing.
  • A shift in interest from bland brands to value, and local distinctiveness.

This highlights the importance of genuine, human, authentic communications that speaks to people in ways they can relate to.

Having set Distinctive Communications up in 2022 and helped several businesses reset their brands and tell their stories, we see the positive impact this has. 

By focusing on the human elements of your story, Somerset businesses can connect with their audiences and thrive in 2023.

This post originally appeared in Somerset Voice magazine in August 2023.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash.

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